Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mindless blogging with provocative shit

Throughout life I haven’t really figured out a day when I’m really making sense. I might not be doing that RIGHT NOW, But sometimes Bullshit makes sense too.
What does the world need? A good amount of attitude, a good deal of false happiness and pride that makes THEM think they own the world or maybe just a li’l useless time to make them do all that’s nothing but worthless.
What is it with making a public blog and showing the world that you got talent- My FOOT! A li’l words here, a li’l words there- twist the language-use intricate words- basically don’t make sense and VOILA!!!- You are a wonderful writer. Oh –No WAIT- I wrote a poem that doesn’t make sense actually BUT it’s good!!!- what shame you’re not famous!!!! *two minute silence*
Literature (my subject) is something worthwhile- I know it’s the most boring thing to do but I like it and I respect what Shakespeare or Donne or other people have been doing. During Exams I can’t give the loudest voice for a “SHEEET” and wait for the world to look at me because I did a Nobel-prize winning deed. Oh gawdd she filled like what 10 sheets (extra)- what!!!… did you write in like an extra bold font or you wrote the story of rang de basanti in it?
The word sarcasm wasn’t really popular you know and now some people who have just known its meaning for like a day brag about it. Being sarcastic is Not a boon you losers- it isn’t actually “social”.

That’s what Biggies do as well- what’s different is that they just speak shit, as if it is all overconfident self-righteous wisdom. The attentive listeners keep making their eyes as tiny as a chink just to make the speaker more confident of his screech-uh sorry-SPEECH. Ahem. Ya I know you have placed your name somewhere in the realm of fame (as you call it) but you are no celebrity dude!

You know- when people actually refer to their friend-celebrity as “down to earth”, I can bet that they are the most high flown tempered people.

Ah it was yet another day when I don’t know if I made sense.


Anonymous said...

thnkz!!i get all of got me completely wrong..i respect ur sub..never intended to hurt neone but now myself....m not da way u thnk me to be. I m still da same simpl guy that i was...and nothing more and believe me nothing more..only if you were in my position right now u would realise how i feel..

Everybody's fool! said...

Hey i never intend to hurt anyone when i write...
i may ridicule mankind and thinking powers at times, yes i do -
Are you pointing to the fact that i wrote sumthin abt poem-blogs?? n if u belong to that fraternity then id like to read ur blogs!! (i appreciate poem blogs if they make sense and i guess i do understand emotions a simple human being too!!)
when Im upset abt sumthings my anger vents out on everything i dunt like...n honestly tht poem stuff wasnt directed on anyone individually, it might be people who blog for attention and the whole post was directed at poeple who seek attention (not anyone in particular) do reveal ur identity
and if in any way have i hurt u which i never intended to..but i say sorry
so my apologies to u!!