Friday, June 01, 2007

No you don't mean nothing at all to me!!!

*You either got it
Or you don't
You either stand or you fall*

-Say it right...Nelly Furtado
Loving this dese days, amazing beats!

Anyways the radio thingy is going okay these days, liked the studio - met lotsa ppl from lotsa colleges - some ver cool enough to have a chat with, some not so much!
going to college is fun and lame at once- fun coz its gud to get insider news n stuff n report n shit but lame cuz college mein "na banda na bande ki jaat"... Shaheeeeed bhagat singh
But still i'm liking it- N i dun care a shit that its in hindi!!! gimme a goddam break yaar!

know whats wierd- radio one keeps tuned in at home now (hv no clue why)-umm not tht its a bad station but never heard it so devotionally ever before (no hard feelings by the way)... The Rj was cool enough, what was the most elevating thing was I'd get to go to parties (you know free fun, free food, free dancing--- what the fuck FREE BOOZE MAN!!!-aherrmm m a gud gurl okay *fluttering eyes*) but will have to wait n see whether that was a saying or they really meant it.

I noticed one thing, does it reallly matter what college you are from- does it???
Does a Hindu Or a Stephen give you your Guts or does it give you a brand? Or does it remain oblivious to the fact that you spent 3 yrs in it n no one even cares.
I hate when people note the minute things in life and forget who they really are, who cares if you wear goddam cheapest of clothes but have a smart million dollar mind- i say no intelligence, when i say smart i mean smart, i mean dont-ya-mess-with-ME mind

Anyways here i hear furtado again 5th time in a row (that's the problem with me I hear a good song so much in one day that then it starts piercing my ears n i don't play it for long.)
uh sorry its the 6th!