Sunday, August 24, 2008


Its Countdown time now.

Ah well, sad days are gonna come, but before that happy days are gonna come too as I'm gonna go crazy with shopping. I have started collecting things and have started dreaming about packing. Airports are sad. Planes are sadder. Turbulence is saddest.

I'm phobic of two places. Hospitals and Airplanes. Just crap to me. you can take me to any goddamn roller coaster I wont get scared, I can bungee jump too. but Airplanes NO! hate them. Hospitals I can still take but they give me so much gobar-panti. Sad stuff everywhere, the smell, the patients, the doctors the medicines. bad bad bad! I end up having a head ache. People go to hospitals to get better. I'll come out sicker!

I wanna die before anyone else too. Cant understand God's funda of life and death. And see, I just went a sentence back and changed 'God's' 'G' into caps. I'm impressing him! So he can help me bear a flight.

Spent some time at my sisters place, had so much fun, did things we have never done alone together. Though I know at the end of my stay I just pissed them off. Feeling so damn sorry. I'll try to be a better person with some missions strong in my head from now on. We saw the pursuit of happyness- amazing movie, Will Smith is just unbelievable. Loved it!

"You can only pursue happiness, you can never have it"

I have to do so much paperwork now, guess I'll leave. My internet is also exceeding its damn usage so I better take care of it and stop using it fr the month. Its so stupid using limited internet after been used to the unlimited one. its just temporary. I'm also gonna learn to cook some quickies. I'll miss home food.