Friday, February 02, 2007


tere bina beswaadi beswaadi ratiyaan, oh sajna -
rookhi re oh rookhi re, kaatore kaate katena.......
.......oh hum dum bin tere kya jeena.....


Luv that song from guru
luved the flick also

feeling veryy happy clue why
but its a bright windy day and made me cheerful, had ma fav breakfast today too a cheese baked bread!!!! yummmmmm! with coffee..gee im a gud cook! :)
sometimes smallest of things gimme huge happiness..sumtimes hugest of things just gimme small sadness!.. i can even become happy when i see a bird fly! u see its just anything!

some people are getting irritated by ma major mood swings nowadays
...GIRLS!!!!! they never learn...every girl says that m not like other girls but its just the same brand they carry...GIRLS!!!!!
i luv that job by the way!..being a girl...
iv been writing anti blogs too much lately!!!...isnt it?? hmmm m a proud blogger! "khee"
i wanted to write bout ma trip but all got kulfi-falooda at kolkata!! wil write abt it soon i reallly wana blurt it out...i had a near death experience too there!!!...yay im alive!

was dads birthday yesterday i gifted him a lil creativity of my own..i made him a name plate i made out of sea shells!.

it was a nice day yesterday! talked to anuradha after such long....its always nice chatting with her..shes one of my oldest friends and the bestest ones too! gonna meet her soon

don hav anything else to boast out!!!.....