Sunday, June 08, 2008

Random Part 2!!!

Been away for the last week to my cousins place. fun it was. Today is MONDAY, Neha n Gaurav are comin back today. Yay!

Its time for some seriousness now. I have to just side-off some things running in my mind for the last 4 months and concentrate on what I need to do- more than what I have to do. I have noticed that 80% of my posts are pessimistic. Umm...ok!

I don't mean to be pessimistic but somehow things pull me away and I'm dull, plain, cranky and low. WHY??? Sometimes I feel I'm the lamest person ever born. ha!! (slap on my face)

I have shopped lately..yayieee! and as soon as I was back home I laid back my cupboard again only coz i have shopped new stuff. It's a girl thing! I have also bought a red nail paint. Its an 'in' thing, though I hate the whole ordeal of growing nails n painting them so I've applied it on my short nails n though they look nightmarish I plan to keep it on. one has to do so much to keep themselves busy.

और बताऊ?

I missed a lot of french open but saw the final at least. Nadal just pounded down Fedex. good but I wanted a GAME!

Wimbledon देखूंगी

I just realised I'm writing Major bakwas so....