Sunday, May 13, 2007


Some may be atheists Some might still believe. Some may remain silent but still wait for a reply to their Unspoken Voices.

While we cling on the fact that what must be born must die, we manage to race up our lives and live the fullest. The fate of Everyman is indisputably the same and expected, we still want that one miracle to HAPPEN. We still want our prayers to be answered. We still want that SOMEONE to listen to us. We hear no answer but still wait because we assume that there exists that someone who made us. We know he'll forgive us if we are guilty, make us happy when we are sad and fill our hands when they are empty.

More than half of this world is waiting for that something to happen. Something that can make a change, something that makes them feel more comfortable in the uneasiness of their world, something that is meaningful, and something that churns out the fire in them.

Every change is accepted as a miracle if it comes when anticipated the most. Most of them wait for that miracle.

They wait...just wait...

Some wait for hope

Some wait for a reason to smile

Some wait for the clouds

And some for the rain to stop

Some wait for a prayer to be answered

Some wait for their voices to be heard

Some wait for the forever gone

And some for a family to return

Some wait for a wound to heal

Some wait for Love

Some wait for an answer

And some for proper education

The wait might never get over, they will go on waiting. Innumerable prayers, with just one question.

When do we find peace?
(One might not speak but his voice might still be heard)
-Compiled and written by
Priyanka Tandon