Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A lotta SHIT!

These days my weekend nights or maybe ANY-day night is spent on my bed studying! in midst of all those 'thou' n 'thou arts' i feel like having a pizza or a cup of coffee and so i get up outta ma bed and crawl through the lobby into the kitchen and i always end up banging onto sumthin and i wake everybody up. whyyy!!!??

That day it was a sweet breeze blowing through my room curtains and I stood at the door with rain sprinkling through it and i came back with a wet shirt. Beautiful! the weather is so awesome these days. Home doesnt feel the place to be...u have to be at a nearby coffee shop with a mug of coffee in ur hand or maybe a hot bowl of maggi!! hmmm

You know the time when you have to study a start loving ur idiot box-you'll watch anything right from those cheezy govinda movies to a scooby doo cartoon ( i luv scooby doo by the way). and that'll actually be a time when star movies will show the worlds wonderful-est movies everyday. and the day ur done with ur examz the idiot box will be AN IDIOT AFTERALL!

I was ever so ready to finallllly start with my twice-attempted-to-begin Play and i saw that the next flick on star movies is Coyote Ugly...i lovvve this flick!!!! and the guy in it..i love him more!

so basically a lotta shit is happenin around...except studying...hehe!

Be good!
'Pink is my Favorite Crayon' - Aerosmith