Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saala Nautanki....

I might be writing this blog just for the heck of it coz I've not written one a vaaaaaryyy long time. ha ha so funny...

Wimbledon is over..ofcourse it is, the next one is about to begin now!!!!..heheheh. My results are out now I'm 'officially' a graduate. I'm not very happy with my result, umm not too sad either...I just want things to, pretty please, work out. Ugh!

O, I made pasta the other day, the non-bharta one (lol), just mixed matched a few stuff and it actually cooked well. I mean I could eat it! Talking of eating- theres this new ice cream place opened up near my place, and they have the best belgian chocolate ice cream.....whoooo!!! Its this creammmmy chocolate wid pieces of chocolate cake in it n all u cn do is slurrrrrppp it up!

The best thing- I finally went shopping to get me GOOD GLARES, thanks to Neha n Gaurav- they're just awesome!!!!! also a nice wallet.....happy time! There is some happy time that I think will come soon too, I just hope its true...so m waiting!

Enough Nautanki!...hey, Im sure everybody's watched RDB...sid's first n last dailogue in the flick was 'Nautanki Saala'..

Tata, birla, ambani

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Hots and Cutes of Wimbledon.....

Here's Janko Tipsarevic - with a new trend of wearing glasses while playing, he's got style!!!

Fernando Verdasco- people might not like him so much, but this guy can play!!!

Mario Ancic -he lost yesterday but it was sum fine watching for me..heh heh

Marat Safin - I didnt notice him till this years championship...he's gud!

All of em are out of the championship except Marat Safin, and I wanna see him beat Fedex...

Well I do watch their game too but now you'll know why I like Tennis so much...hehehehe!