Wednesday, January 17, 2007


You know the time when one just stops thinking about things they always think about? (huh??) ok. but it happens with me!
someday just all of a sudden my mind just starts wondering about the "world" that doesnt matter to me, it basically has nothing to do with me! ( to be precise- the "world" i mention here is of the people who i see around while i am actually thinking about the above mentioned crap) ----too confusing????
yes i am!!!

i boarded the morning bus to my college and sat on the seat where the conductor sits misleading the passengers about the route of the bus, to why i sat there-because the guy sitting on the ladies seat did not care to stand up!
it just takes like 10 mins to reach sheikh sarai 2 from ma place but all thanks to delhi buses that even a 10 minute drive becomes 30 mins long! greedy bastards want to board as many people they can not knowing that the bus has limits! so they dont care! people r not humane anymore!

example? hehe none other than BIG BOSS one sympathy gainer show is BIG BOSS!!
so Kashemra (oh i spelled it wrong..hehe isnt it funny this way..anyways i mean KASHMERA) is back in the show!..ewwwww (puke puke). after she came in i realised that people who call or think themselves as "sophisticated" are actually full of hypocrisy and are blinded with their sophistication (meaning nothing to them).
see the way she's tryin to be "SATI SAVITRI"!! she's a GERM. writing here wont actually make a difference but i feel like doing sorry to say but when i heard she has a husband...i was like he blind?? no?? he has to be deaf then.. i mean hats off he's living with you as your "husband"..!!!..she's not HUMAN!

Amit- o Gawd!!! he thinks that behaving arrogant and portraying himself as a psycho makes the world care for him!! yeah right!!* im getting irritated cut down the volume please* and he smashes the wall with a punch!!..ha! we all get irritated shut up!

Carol- *ooh look im a baby*, * look im cute*, *look i dunno hindi*!!..model industry is short of brains!!.. she's decent in her own little way..i'll tell u why- she does same things as others but in a diplomat way!! she's an impostor too! Merry Christmas!

Rahul- yawn!!!!

Ravi- his zindagi is sure JHHandwaaa!!, mr. PRAVACHAN..."im just RIGHT", bloody hell!..hypocrisy is a shorter version of what he is!!!! u know sumwhere in his brain he's got a majoooor misconception that he's the most handsome guy on earth!! (he looks like donald duck! doesnt he?)

i used to hate rakhi for what she is but she is the only person who can be real!!! atleast her profession did not teach her to be fake!!! i want her to win!!!!

STATUTORY WARNING: these views are of my own and as the govt. has bestowed me with freedom of speech i feel free to express em..those who think i have no right to do so..keep ur thoughts to urself!!!feel happy!! yay!!!this aint a reality show and aint a confession room! i do wat i want!! but down the line they are all true!!...m not fake as the people i mention above!! losers!