Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Pigment of the colour of Life!

You know what is really weird?
That everybody on this planet has to deal with something or the other that isn't supposed to happen in their life.
But it happens.
All you can do is snap out of it. or keep Knowing that it happened.
The choice is ours. Yours.

Sometimes some things are Wrong but you know you can't deal without them. It just can't happen then!
Sometimes you know its not Right but you can't help.
Knowing that something is wrong and something is not right are two different things. Think about it.
But they have happened. are happening. will happen.
Life is THAT!

Someone said this to me today-

"Don't be afraid of doing anything that is not wrong, and its you who decides what is wrong and right, because it will always be about you!"

Unexpected wisdom out of someone. But it had implications. Not that I am in a situation that had this blog as an outcome, but you just learn like that.
Making decisions, trying to figure yourselves out- it takes a whole lifetime- and when you've known what YOU have been all about- it's all gone.

There are time in My life that makes a difficult situation. It's because I created it. But sometimes when I fall in one- its hard!

Just learn Life. slowly.

Krrrr-aaappp is the word!!!

SNAP in 2 months-oh Crap!
Final year- Oh crap!
What next- oh crap!
Everyone's preparing for either CAT or CA...and me- oh crap!
First semester gone- oh crap!
I'm gonna be 20 in like 12 days- oh-holy-shitty-smelly-bog blob of crap!!!!

This isn't exactly a poem by the way.

I don't wanna be 20!!! twenty- eww puke. nineTEEN- this is cool. I took one year to digest the fact that I'm older than eighteen and after I got over it I am 20... *nahiiiiiiii*!!! huh!

Anyways, its just 2 more days for the autumn break- its no autumn but its still called that way- weird!
so just wanna have fun these two days in colg- it'll be off for 15 days after tht!! Wow...
Shradha wouldn't come the whole of October and November- boo hoo!!....its her sis' marriage n shes preparing for CAT so she has to cope up with everything.

Apart from that everything is upside down for me. What the hell am I supposed to do now??? I didn't enrol for CAT so sweet dreams to me, I'm not a Mathemagician and Accountamagician and a psychedelic geek so cant opt for CA too...I guess i'll umm do err maybe hmm- crap!

So basically Im just hanging on between big potty stuff- I guess those philo uncles and aunties were right - Life IS tough!!!

The only thing that isn't crap is----as follows------


It was soo much funnnnn---- We Beat the PAKISTANIS--- yeah baby!!!
The thrilll the fun the excitement....mannn!!!....Loved Bhajji's dance....hehe

And I got this Sms tht day n thot it was worth sharing:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Misbah who?
Miss ba 5 runs!!!!


It felt good looking at the fire crackers that day- even I burst a few....hee hee!!

I'll jus scram!