Sunday, March 23, 2008

System Failure

Nervous breakdowns, Anxiety..blah blah. College has ended, I just have to go for like 5-6 days for the giving exams and other paper stuff. That's it! I'm not cribbing for the end of college but yeah what lies ahead? I must have said this over and over again but its high time now and I'm almost losing my head, my patience everything.

Lemme not make it seem as if I'm suicidal or something. I'm F-I-N-E.

I finally finished The Kite Runner and I recommend it to all those who haven't read it. It's a must read. Now I have to concentrate on angrejji honors. bah!

Was in Haryana for holi. It was fun-ish. Of course I spent most of the time re-french-tipping my Which I don't usually do. I'm never one of those girls who own a huge make-up box and a huge collection of nail paints and stuff. But sometimes I do like it. I hate growing nails but when I get lazy and don't cut em for a long time I just do them nicely and get over it! I don't even have an eye mascara. Kajal is full stop for me. Even at parties.

Being back in Delhi feels good. I love Delhi. I wish we all had tees that said I love Delhi...hehe...I've gone crazy!

Later. isshttudy time!

Friday, March 14, 2008

All those who love summers...Clap your hands!!
Clap Clap Clap!

Was wanting to change my blog layout for so long and finally found one. It required a lot of hard work..phew

I have still not been able to finish The Kite Runner. I bet I'm one of the slowest readers in the world. But I think leisure reading is supposed to be slow. infact I enjoy reading at slow paces if I wanna enjoy. What fun is it when you buy a novel and finish it in like 2 days. I'd be regretting buying that novel coz after I'd be done with it, it'll just lie and get infested..hehe. I am saying this because once a novel which I had been longing to read was infested with termites. They ate the whole book!!! It was The Inscrutable Americans.

Me and my sis have lately added another 'item' to our shopping lists. Books!!!
We both loooooove shopping!! It's the best stress-buster, time-pass, fun etc etc. (ofcourse the financial needs should match up too. lol)
But we have been buying books and piling them to make our shelves look cute but also we want to read lots of em'. We both have been literature students (ya 'have been'...cuz i'll also be a 'have-been' after a month. whatever!) and so we love the wisdom. I mean whatever sense that could make.

I really have to go chappal shopping now. Summers are back!! Finally I get to be back to the 3/4ths, the tees, the kurtis, anklets and my fav CHAPPALS!!! Now I always wonder - isn't it boring for guys to miss all the fun of dressing up. All they do is jeans, tee and shoes or chappal. end of story! They don't get to innovate. girls have skirts, jeans, 3/4th, kurti and patiala, kolapuri's, accesories, bags, hairbands (which I think looks good only on selective people and soooo not on boys, I just hate when boys wear hairbands, even Abhishek Bachhan looks yuk in it)
But then boys should also innovate in their own way. They should try new things and just make sure they don't end up lookin sissy!

Cheers to Summers!
Try: Lemon Icetea at La Cafe- GK (baap of all Iceteas)
That's why I love summers so much!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

91st Post!

Just read Dipti's Blog. The musical Tag was so much Fun. So I wanted to try it too
All you gotta do is open your winamp, I-tunes, etc and shuffle ur playlist. And every time you read a question keep playing the next tracks and you'll get the answer of your questions.
So here I go...

1. If someone asks, "Is this ok?", you say...?

Mora Saiyan- Fuzon
(Mora Saiyan moh se bole na- huh??)

2. What would best describe your personality?

Kinna Sona - Gunjan
(oh yes! kinna sona mainu rabb ne banaya)

3. What would you like in a guy?

Shine- Booty Luv
(Ya'll came here to give it up So come on and show me what you got It's about to be on baby non-stop Tonight you're gonna get your time to shine...Does make sense)

4. How do you feel today?

Best of Me- Bryan Adams
(and Best of me it issssss!!!)

5. What's your life's purpose?

Californication- Red Hot Chilli Peppers
(Oh well if i see myself as a socially active person then yup this does match up. I heard this song is condemning the deterioration of society..whatever)

6. What's your Motto?

Lukka chhuppi- RDB
(I don't mind playing hide and seek all my life. How convenient!)

7. What do your friends think of you?

Hero- Darren Hayes
('I don't wanna be your hero', only this time I WANNA be your hero. well at least I'm modest. eh??!!)

8. What do you think of your parents?

Bring me to life- Evanescence
(well they did bring me to life)

9. What do you think about very often?

Dupatta Beimaan re
(oookaayyy!! I wonder where the duppatta was in the video??)

10. What is 2+2?

Bhool Bhulaiya (Hare Raam Hare Krishna)
(it sure was back in 1st grade)

11. What do you think of your best friend?

I don't care- Ricky Martin
(That's what it says. heheh)

12. What do you think of a person you like?

Breathe- Anna Nalick
(Life’s like an hourglass glued to the table….
But my god its so beautiful when the boy smiles…Hmmm !!)

13. What is your life's story?

(I love to travel for sure!)

14. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chup chup ke- Bunty aur Babli
(Well I don't mind being Bunty or Babli till the cops catch me. Being rich is fun!)

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?

Don’t drop the bomb on me- Bryan Adams
(oh suuureeee!!!)

16. What do your parents think of you?

Me against the music- Britney Spears feat Madonna
(umm ok!)

17. What will you dance to at your wedding?

Numb/ Encore- Jay Z/ Linkin Park
( picture me dancing hip hop in a bridal lehenga)

18. What will they play at your funeral?

Marhaba- Janasheen
(I don't mind if you cry and sing this song. hihi)

19. What is your hobby/ interest?

Mann ki Lagan- Paap
(oyee hoyee)

20. What is your biggest secret?

I finally found someone- Bryan Adams and Barbara Streisand
(ahemm anchoo cough cough)

21. What do you think of your friends?

Jiya dhadhak dhadhak jaaye- Kalyug

22. What do you post this as?

Stolen - Jay Sean
(lol. The idea sure is stolen. lol)

Monday, March 10, 2008

"They do nothing but thumb their prayer beads and recite a book written in a tongue they don't even understand..."
"...God help us all if Afghanistan ever falls into their hands."
...Baba (The Kite Runner- Khaled Hosseini)

Is this too difficult to interpret? I think not. Some people can't look beyond their own sermons and sayings. They can't open their eyes to feel the freshness, they can't accept what goes beyond. And those who do, makes them feel insecure and so they hold on more tightly!
Religion is not a crime but is neither yours to judge.
(weird coz I've written about God and religion far too much now but this dose was just for self-consolation coz the world is goin shittier by the day!)

Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's sunday! big deal...sunday my foot!

I'm kinda outta tune. Uninterested, crapped up, etc etc.
Not exactly a bad thing because I dunno why am I feeling this way. Maybe coz I was pissed yesterday and that got me know something new about me too. I'm dumb!

Anyways, lecturers are so stewwwpidd!!!! not all but this one who got me all arghhh yesterday, sure is! she is a bitch! Couldnt even wait a second for me to come despite me calling her thrice. bloody hell!

Today Sunday feels idiotic, useless and nonsense. Though I have made it productive by reading The Kite Runner at a good pace, I think I'll finish it today. It's a pretty novel. I'll write some sweet stuff from it but not now.

Two more days of college. Then its all over. Well, I don't care!
But yeah, me finishing college (read growing older)? Big Deal! And I care!
But I have good plans next.
1. I wanna complete a good eductaion, get a job, be financially independent, then Aish karo!
2. Get married to a rich guy. lol. Who can pay all my bills. Love? ya it'll do!
3. I guess number 2 explains it all!

Girls!!!! I tell you!
But number 1 is what I want. rest is hehehe!

Takes a good deal to enlighten my day!