Friday, March 14, 2008

All those who love summers...Clap your hands!!
Clap Clap Clap!

Was wanting to change my blog layout for so long and finally found one. It required a lot of hard work..phew

I have still not been able to finish The Kite Runner. I bet I'm one of the slowest readers in the world. But I think leisure reading is supposed to be slow. infact I enjoy reading at slow paces if I wanna enjoy. What fun is it when you buy a novel and finish it in like 2 days. I'd be regretting buying that novel coz after I'd be done with it, it'll just lie and get infested..hehe. I am saying this because once a novel which I had been longing to read was infested with termites. They ate the whole book!!! It was The Inscrutable Americans.

Me and my sis have lately added another 'item' to our shopping lists. Books!!!
We both loooooove shopping!! It's the best stress-buster, time-pass, fun etc etc. (ofcourse the financial needs should match up too. lol)
But we have been buying books and piling them to make our shelves look cute but also we want to read lots of em'. We both have been literature students (ya 'have been'...cuz i'll also be a 'have-been' after a month. whatever!) and so we love the wisdom. I mean whatever sense that could make.

I really have to go chappal shopping now. Summers are back!! Finally I get to be back to the 3/4ths, the tees, the kurtis, anklets and my fav CHAPPALS!!! Now I always wonder - isn't it boring for guys to miss all the fun of dressing up. All they do is jeans, tee and shoes or chappal. end of story! They don't get to innovate. girls have skirts, jeans, 3/4th, kurti and patiala, kolapuri's, accesories, bags, hairbands (which I think looks good only on selective people and soooo not on boys, I just hate when boys wear hairbands, even Abhishek Bachhan looks yuk in it)
But then boys should also innovate in their own way. They should try new things and just make sure they don't end up lookin sissy!

Cheers to Summers!
Try: Lemon Icetea at La Cafe- GK (baap of all Iceteas)
That's why I love summers so much!


D said...

*very loud maniacal clapping*

BECAUSE i am so relieved summers are back. right now the weather is perfect - no ac and no heater. just perfect.

i hate winters for the fact that under 2-3 doesn't know what's happening as you keep gorging on food...*sigh* somehow food tastes better in winters.

dRoZzY!!! said...

the inscrutable americans has been one of my funniest reads.
the kite runner stand out in itself. though i did the book over a weekend but i so very did not want it to end.

next, about guys innovating...
we are not the beautiful creation of God.
i guess we are better off in the regular stuff. however, when men innovate their style of dressing according to the season.
not a lot of shirty boys would want to graduate to a kurta. trouser boys hate tattered jeans.
it's better that (most) men just wear their attitude.

nice blog!!!

Karan said...

nice post agen... :) cant agree more...summers r creams... :P n to top it im a spring child...hv my b'day in april....!!

n 'bout boys innovating...well i agree...we do hv limited choices...n sme reservations too...nt evryone is open to experimenting or tryin th "metrosexual look"...!!