Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't get it....

I'm just doing anything these days- blowing bubbles, putting hot pink nail paint (lol), watching India-TV (yuck), most of all I have become a negative persona, I don't want to become that, I think the whole pressure of MBA-shit is taking me nowhere, I don't think its an obvious mandatory thing to do these days, maybe it is or maybe not. No, it is!


But I just want to subside the whole issue and look at myself. I have to think straight now.. Ive had enough shit from enough people this year (this has nothing to do with the above mentioned stuff by the way). I have a life! I have my own ways and principles in life, I don't have to plead to people for things I want. I wish my life had been My way. wish granted. My Life is going to be MY way now!

See again!

(Too many comas in here)
See you!