Monday, May 19, 2008

I don't get it....

I'm just doing anything these days- blowing bubbles, putting hot pink nail paint (lol), watching India-TV (yuck), most of all I have become a negative persona, I don't want to become that, I think the whole pressure of MBA-shit is taking me nowhere, I don't think its an obvious mandatory thing to do these days, maybe it is or maybe not. No, it is!


But I just want to subside the whole issue and look at myself. I have to think straight now.. Ive had enough shit from enough people this year (this has nothing to do with the above mentioned stuff by the way). I have a life! I have my own ways and principles in life, I don't have to plead to people for things I want. I wish my life had been My way. wish granted. My Life is going to be MY way now!

See again!

(Too many comas in here)
See you!


The Phoenix said...

Hey chompi chill out, no one's pressurising u for MBA. OK U just do what your heart says. There is no need to put in your will into something that you aren't inclined towards. I have spoken to pa...he's fine with whatever u choose. Its ur life, carve it out on your own. And stop fretting over this now.

Priyanka said...

hee hee