Friday, May 09, 2008


A few days back I told Neha that I'm so happy we've had the perfect happy childhood in our life. We've done all those things that a childhood asks for. We've had 'gully gangs' where we were the sultans of our street. 'Live together die alone' types. We had cycling groups, badminton teams, cricket championships, Christmas celebrations, Diwali booms and bangs- and counting the trash we had made the next day. The density of the trash brought immense pleasure. Monsoon dances and pushing people in the puddle.
The gang was huge and we've played sports right from 'fire in the mountain' to 'dodge ball' to the nerve cracking 'gully cricket'. We collected the petty cash from all the kids and bought a volley ball and played till it got worn out. We played 'gallery' and 'kho-kho' that used to take the whole street up, we used to hit people with 'maaran pitti' (funny name), 'pithhu' was our favorite game.
We have created havoc in our neighbourhood by breaking windows and we've teased old aunties for not returning our balls back. We've mixed her mirchies and dhaniya that were kept for sun-drying. It was all so much fun. I doubt kids today experience all that.
But I just can't forget the days when electricity blackouts were the reason for every kid in the street to run outta there homes and play hide and seek. We've hid ourselves in nastiest of places and sneakiest of corners just for the love of the game. Damn! inverters and generators have ruined our lives. ahem.
All that is lost somewhere now... but the thought of it makes me happy. Makes me think my childhood has not been wasted.


economics lessons from poetry said...

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Anonymous said...

hmm,"ghost in the graveyard"..yeah cycling!! I was a champ .. use to do all the tricks, skatting and tennis!!

oh by the way these days kids are havin more fun, my cousin in class 7th has a GF and claims that they make out :|


Priyanka said...


thank you!

@ anonymous.

LoL...ghor kalyug chhaya..sab kuchh hai maya!!!
in 7th - the thought of kissing someone was ewww to!

Love fool.. said...

lol wow this post reminded me of all the games i played in my childhood.. will write a post on that!

remember oonch neech ka papda, oonch maangi neech? Ooonch!

lol funny games

Priyanka said...

yeahhh almost forgot tht oonch neech ka papda...heheheh

n also tipi tipi tap wat color do u want!!!!!

shradha said...

hey nice blog.. straight from heart.. makes 1 think back on childhood nd cling to da precious childhood memories which 1 fiercely guards nd keeps it safe behind da locked doors of 1's heart.. great one!!

Priyanka said...



The Phoenix said...

LOL @ all the comments...hass hass ke pet mein dard ho gaya.

My personal fav is - "stapu"...funny name. I was Champ in this one.

Hee hee...chalo meri den!!!