Sunday, May 04, 2008

Everything will be All right!!!!

When people say that 'Everything will be allright!!!' Do they really mean it or its just a saying that has become meaningless crap giving people a fraction of what- satisfaction??

Not really!

No one has said that to me..but I know that'll be what is supposed to be said...supposed!

I want to get involved in any ordeal to take me away from all of it- every bit of it! But all I have is a lot of void around me and this space makes me want to go back to where I hear my conscience say it over n over again- Everything will be alright!

Maybe coz I know it will not...

It is even more difficult because what I exactly wanna write I can't, because who I want this to read will not. And probably not get it too!

I will appreciate truth to make me sad than a pack of lies to make me happy.....or maybe it is not even the way I'm thinking it to be. It could be vice versa!

Not many people think I'm worth all that! (its a big shut up for me now)


Love fool.. said...

aaaaaaaaaaa! that hair-pulling/head-banging phase! i know it sucks. and then one starts questioning ..."hey,will it ever end!? what's the way out! someone show me the way, someone take me out of the mess" . the fact that you are telling yourself that everything will be alright just means that you have a hope. hold on to it, that's one way to stay sane. the hope will stay somewhere in the back of your mind as you carry on with your life. and suddenly one day you will find yourself out of it.

on a lighter note..lemme tell you, you are "lucky". only lucky people get good haircuts lol.

go dance girl :)

Anonymous said...

only today, I wrote a lot about void in my private thoughts(perosnal blog),

I know how it feels.. nevermind! I believe that this life is gonna move, and before one is able to comprehend, this life is will tell you that "well I am life, and I am super lame , nothin would make sense, I will outlive you anyways, so shut up", I dont know for sure! bt makin sense of stuff doesnt help., I was down so i drank, I do that almost everyday, hehe nevermind,,,get drunk and stoned, make most of it!! life is insanity and nothin else!

Priyanka said...

@ love fool

heheh yeah lucky me!!! and I wanna dance a lott now!!!! thats it!

@ Anonymous

Insanity?? well I think this is one term that defines life in a super sexy way!!! so lemme jus ditch makin sense abt life!! hehe

The Phoenix said...

Just stop worrying, it will work out silly. U are getting too worried unecesscarily (I think unnecessarily has a double 'n'...whatever). Chill out! just keep ur options open and dont lose heart if u dont get one of em.

shradha said...

hey babe... din like wat u wrote.. man its actually a big shut up!!!!! nd tho ive ve nt actually nailed da issue but ive come round to da point.. dude things ll b fine.. n u r a happy person.. n plus y shud things b fine??? i dun think dey ever went sour in da 1st place.. all is already ok pri!!