Friday, May 25, 2007


no complaints
no cribbing
and no more "nothing-to-do-blogs"

From finding and searching and questing for a summer job, i finally got one without an effort- imagine the irony!
i remember i once wrote i wish i was an RJ

I AM!!!!!!

....well almost..i just joined radio one 94.3 fm for the summer
I am going to be a campus RJ- now how cool is that!!!
It will take a lotta sweaty shit coz its a soaring sun out there n i'll have to interview the gonna-be-college-ppl, hoppin here n there, reportin n even being on air! (excited and nervous!)
but its gonna be worth it i guess!
(By the way Nidhi- if ur reading- thanks loads!!)

So m gonna attend a meeting tomorrow in CP...whoopies
gearing up fr it!!
so wht shud i wear tomo!!! (hehehe)

Monday, May 21, 2007



  1. You watch any cheezy movie on the tv, I watched mohra yesterday *eyes wide open now*.
  2. You open your mailbox every 2 minutes waiting for a miracle that'll tell you how to keep yourself busy!
  3. You have no one online in your messenger, and you add yourself to make it look better.*oh Gawd*
  4. You sleep half the day out and still feel lazy when you have some work, accidentally!!
  5. Your cell phone is dead, the only time it rings is when Hutch Uncle sends you a "win-a-scorpio" message- or when the Aunty calls you with a biggest HI.
  6. You have memorized the schedule of all the TV channels.
  7. You don't have anything better than write this on your blog.
  8. You keep on writing bullshit to stretch it to atleast a TEN.
  9. You Send your resume's to people for a summer job you know will never respond. (That exactly isn't lame but then...whatever)
  10. You have a faded smile on your lips considering you have reached TEN.

*Doesn't get any better-i am listening to an Anu Malik Song*

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No titles plz!

Remember the last time you felt the need to cry....
Try to rememba the reason to why you did and just have some analysis of it n figure out if it was really worth your tears!!

To why I am saying this is because I cried last night...reason?? well its too complicated...its nuthin related to me as in physically but mentally--hell yess!!!
And it won't really be worth mentioning and, well, not even appreciated on a public blog but just so that my frustration is thrown on my black keyboard I'm doing this.
All i can say is that sometimes handling an unnecessarily loaded pressure is just out of my head. I flip out- I behave like a psycho!
I guess most of us do.

Why can't you live life coolly, like as if theres no freakin thing that can make you ever think that it's not worth living. There are times when you need to be serious but .....cutttttttt it!!!

M not talkin bout it. Still I can't help but be a part of the whole testimony. (It affects my life a hell lot- can't explain....DAMN)


Nice song playing - music is just beautiful, makes u enter another world (thats not the name of the song by the way)
Just watched coyote ugly (*guessin* 15th time)- i Luv this light hearted flick and the guy in it is hmmmm *smitten*...
All my frenz have bizarre news fr me.
Anuradha's Dad is gettin a prestigious award n dey r goin fr a holiday to Europe n US
Shradha's sis jus got engaged (happy happy)
Poor Upasana jus got a neck surgery done (man i was shocked to hear but now she's okay)- Take care shorty!!

I will finally visit Aditi at her place- man we've been so unfair. She lives in charmwood and me and Anuradha always yawned at the thought of visiting her so far off, but guess its too much now and on friday we both'll visit her.
The three of us had been always close in school but there were serious interruptions in our school life by sum paranoid ppl. Now we three realise hw cud we be their frenz! haha m bein too selfish- love it!. And all of a sudden after 10th grade we all ver in different schools but still hv been in touch and been the same frenz- telling u guys its hard to maintain friendship splly after you all hav diff ways to go ahead in life.

Anyways seems I've tortured my keyboard a lot now

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Some may be atheists Some might still believe. Some may remain silent but still wait for a reply to their Unspoken Voices.

While we cling on the fact that what must be born must die, we manage to race up our lives and live the fullest. The fate of Everyman is indisputably the same and expected, we still want that one miracle to HAPPEN. We still want our prayers to be answered. We still want that SOMEONE to listen to us. We hear no answer but still wait because we assume that there exists that someone who made us. We know he'll forgive us if we are guilty, make us happy when we are sad and fill our hands when they are empty.

More than half of this world is waiting for that something to happen. Something that can make a change, something that makes them feel more comfortable in the uneasiness of their world, something that is meaningful, and something that churns out the fire in them.

Every change is accepted as a miracle if it comes when anticipated the most. Most of them wait for that miracle.

They wait...just wait...

Some wait for hope

Some wait for a reason to smile

Some wait for the clouds

And some for the rain to stop

Some wait for a prayer to be answered

Some wait for their voices to be heard

Some wait for the forever gone

And some for a family to return

Some wait for a wound to heal

Some wait for Love

Some wait for an answer

And some for proper education

The wait might never get over, they will go on waiting. Innumerable prayers, with just one question.

When do we find peace?
(One might not speak but his voice might still be heard)
-Compiled and written by
Priyanka Tandon

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

High flown fashion statement(s)?????

Now how many times do you see this foppish girl walking on the busy roads of New Delhi...I'm talking of those who believe in flaunting out everything they have!! (whatever)
You call them girls?
Ok so you wear a good deal of attitude on your face which is usually hidden by oversized glares loudly screaming CHANEL? (usually makes you look blind but you still think its the newest wrinkle) - looks good only on some ppl not everyone!!
And then when you don't find a good parking or rather when you don't know how to park a car you scream at the bechara parking waala bhaiya...!!!, and then you threaten him to take away his job as if you own the whole parking lot...
well i have a solution for you..stop or rather give up driving (these honda accords aren't made for you) and don't bother the one's stuck in a jam cuz of you!!!!

have you ever seen a typical punctured-brain girl drive a car...girls driving is defamed just cuz of such women!
i swear to god she was on fone with one hand and eating corn from the n ma sis honkedd at her badly and still she had the damn guts to use the word *fuck off*...
Now if there would hav been some short tempered guy instead of us wud have been fucked already!!!!

Then there are such women who know veryy clearly that they are wearing a short top, she bends down showing her back and then she turns around and stares the guy sitting behind her....Now what did he do???
If you don't wanna be looked at then stop wearing such clothes, but if you don't bother then DON'T BOTHER!!!
A typical barbie doll girl- oh gawd...coming dressed to college in party clothes..oh i forgot we are in "shaheed bhagat singh college" we have a party everydayyyy!! woo hoo!! ( what the hell??)
I wonder what they wear when they actually have to party??
you're giving an exam and you want to brush your hair-okay- but after every damn minute??? and where we urge to find a minute extra to complete answers you still got time to check out what shoes is the other girl wearing!!?

Yeah I was in the exam hall too but this caught my attention while I was trying to rememba a dialogue frm a shakespeare play!!

You know I hate when school kids come clubbing and still behave like school kids- It's some kinda thrill they have when they come clubbing- ofcourse they are so excited....when i went to mumbai and went clubbing there the place was filled with school children!!! and those typical girls who don't even know whats a dress code wear stupid chappals with their worn out feet---ewww!! and still think they own the world.. but whatever Bache hain!!! (extreme cases)

Anyways I know taking out time to write rubbish fr rubbish ppl is too much an ordeal but i jus wanted to write about their good-for-nothing "high flown statements"!!!
You call them girls?? I call them diseased maniacs!!!

One doesn't have to be sexy legged all the time wearing loud brands, carrying Big bags which just have a wallet inside and they still carry their newly bought n-series cellphone in their hand!
You have to be such a "girl" at times...its imperative too but it always has a purpose or some occasion, or sometimes when one feels like dressing up like that.
I love dressing up myself...every girl does, but just hate the i-wanna-be-a-pg 3-woman attitude!

Anyways, the world will go on!
Just be yourself'll feel beautiful!!
I know i am no one to tell you this but again i say... be yourself!!

Sometimes, just randomly, photographs elate you, some make you think and some just fascinate. Recently I have got a little attracted on photography which makes me explore them more.

It is just a wonderful world, unstoppable of getting beautiful everyday. (wow, I'm good!!)

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.
~Eudora Welty

(some pieces of notice from my eyes)
Northern Lights

The Silent Dance

Language of Love

I love this one!

All these Photographs elated me, fascinated me and made me think at the same time!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A pinch of fun with lots of love around!!!

Weekend rocked, wud have rocked a li'l more if the DJ wud hv been a li'l crazier in mixin the songs. But nevermind!

It all began with a sexxxxyyyy haircut, with a 5 star customer service....felt guuuhd!!!..Im loving myself now....the mirror loves me too, it shows me beautiful.
ok enough!
But i felt guuuuud!!

And then Dublinnn whoopie. whoopie. came bak around 4 in d morn.

Watched Blood diamond on dvd next day. Awesome flick.

Sumwhere in between i ate a chocolate truffle cake too! yummmm

The fun had its own way in making me happy but what was more important was the love around.
When I was bout to sleep yesterday I had a tear in my eye. I know how hard things become at times. But i was really overwhelmed and happy with the people around me and I just realised if i cud ever be half gud of what neha and gaurav are to me. I'll try my best!- well emotions emotions!

Not in a very emotional mood rite now so it wud seem as if im desperately tryin to say wat i just did but i seriously mean it...

I love you guys!!

I danced after soooo longg...n so wholeheartedly!!!

yesterday was fun too...a sunday i always want!....cuzins at home- nice time spent!

Mom's a gud cook!!!!

That reminds me i shud have breakfast....tata!

Friday, May 04, 2007

happy today!!!!

DAmn funnnnyyy

Govindaaaaa alaa re!!!!...hahahaa

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Now What??
Just 3 days since examz got over n m bored!!
I just watched a movie i had lyin in my room since ages...gud one! shradha called she's startin wid her Mba classes soon..gud gud, upasana IM'd, she's joining aerobics- why-she's already tiny!! anyways and Me?? ha ha ha!
I am so blah-ed with blogging now... i watch it everyday waiting for some miracle to happen..!!
I have to figure out what am i gonna do these 4 mnths?????
well for now i am lukin frwrd to this weekend ... I wanna chillout!
by the way I could ask gaurav fr NFC tomo???? hmmmm
hey if ur reading r u game for it???
temme temmme???
I'll jus go watch friends- watched a zillion times but.....
*i'll be there for you...*
I better wake up at 10 tomo, nishant wud go on n on with his *tsk tsk tsk* othawise!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Spent some time sketchin a lil while back!!!
delivered good results.....
thinkinn...thinkinnn... get it framed and gift it to gaurav...he's been asking for my piece of talent (ahhheerrmmm) since longg..gud job!!!!..*patting my shoulder*
yea m self obsessed *pbuit*

I sketched an angel...beautifull...not the one on the left waise...something much beautiful... *maasha allah*


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


2 blogs in a day...i really must be bummed!
well I love bloggin so doesn't matter.

This Crappy orkut business is taking my life now. It's become so monotonous. And I mean I have this hugeeee msg written in my profile in CAPS and still they don't get it....bloody ch**iya ppl (sorry).
Its so bloody irritating... everytime i log in i have to delete-delete-delete all those cheeezy guys with lame msgs of *i wanna friend you* (yaaa thats what they write).and another mr. chaman with"hey i like ur profile will u be my friend" yeah right!! you think!!??...and it gets better with *Hi PINKI, will you be my friend....* (what the bloooody hell is wrong with you!!!!!)
PINKI?????? saala tatti kahinka. bhow bhow dog...wo bhi black waala.
I think i need a DEVNAGRI script on orkut for all those who can't read english...hey bhagwaan!!

was just watching Lola Kutty on V...she is so funny!!!! the way she goes "ollraaight"...naariyal paani n all that stuff...too innovative!!
hey i just realised i wrote a boring blog this morning! when did i start a conquest for knowledge on American tribes eh?? *making an ugly face*

Tv has gone idiot...shows nuthin...huh!!
weather's idiot too...the sun can't just stop shining only!..huh!
"everyone idiot"
BYE (*slammmm!!!*)

Estoy libre!
I'm free!

So nothing else matters?

well i don't know. Im too clumsy to write right now but i just saw that my silly upar pankha chalta hai blog is so irritating so just wanted to make another blog...I dont really delete what I write.
Stupid principles!
been spendin a lotta worthless time on beautifyin my blog- I love the qweeet...hehe!

Just came across something really interesting but weird.

The Navajo (A Tribe in America) believe that there are two types of rain, one is a female rain. The female rain is very quiet, calm, gentle, and soothing. When dark clouds begin to form lightning, it becomes the male rain. Male rain can be rough, and it is not as pleasant as the female rain.
This is a male rain

hmm talking of males and females-

I just read the so called greatest epic "Paradise Lost" -story of Adam and Eve ( part of my shitty syllabus).The author seems to have had some pleasure in defaming women. bah whatever. Men always boast out their good for nothing EGO. They just have an intrinsic tendency to do that.
but still it was interesting...Just caught hold of a para from it. Spoken by the first MAN...Adam-

"Thus it shall befall
Him who to worth in women overtrusting
Lets her will rule; restraint she will not brook,
And left to herself, if evil thence ensue,
she first his weak indulgence will accuse."

It means that the fate of every man will be ruined who trusts the work of a woman and allows her to have free will...