Friday, May 25, 2007


no complaints
no cribbing
and no more "nothing-to-do-blogs"

From finding and searching and questing for a summer job, i finally got one without an effort- imagine the irony!
i remember i once wrote i wish i was an RJ

I AM!!!!!!

....well almost..i just joined radio one 94.3 fm for the summer
I am going to be a campus RJ- now how cool is that!!!
It will take a lotta sweaty shit coz its a soaring sun out there n i'll have to interview the gonna-be-college-ppl, hoppin here n there, reportin n even being on air! (excited and nervous!)
but its gonna be worth it i guess!
(By the way Nidhi- if ur reading- thanks loads!!)

So m gonna attend a meeting tomorrow in CP...whoopies
gearing up fr it!!
so wht shud i wear tomo!!! (hehehe)