Thursday, March 29, 2007


hey have you heard the stupid poem:

Upar pankha chalta hai (duh)
Neeche baby sota hai
sote sote bhookh lagi
khaale beta moongfali (havent u heard of MILK)
moongfali mein dana nahi....
blahblah....etc etc

This a damn funny poem!
Now who the hell feeds a hungry baby a PEANUT??? and guess what its EMPTY!!!

I killed a fly yesterday. Not just killed but brutally assaulted it. Was just ready for sleep and it kept whizzing here and there. Stupid fly!
I can't sleep when something is buzzin here n dere.I had to smash my chappal on it and bingo!
catching a fly is not easy you know!
but after that why did i feel bad???
hmm wonder if i was a fly in my past life???

ok I have got better things to do than dissect nursery rhymes and murder insects!

hey do you know You need a life
-and do YOU know you are speaking a lot these days