Thursday, April 03, 2008


Took a Time-0out!

Ha! it seems as if I'm applyin for IIT or something.

Anywayjj, its exam time, final exams of my final year in college. crap!

Been busy with books and some other things I'm not supposed to be doin a lot these days. watched Race- pretty nice!

My exams are in 12 days n Im reading a novel NOW. Frankenstein. I kinda excel in studying at the last moment so thats ok! as i say- ok!

dunno how to put the next sentence up but lemme try

Valued some stuff lately and devalued some other stuff lately. Can't really imagine the self-absorbedness of some paranoids. I also realise that the subservience part is true. But what some people think about it is also true and for once I do appreciate myself for this little thing about me that I help people minus the selfishness. Why don't some people get it?

Couldn't possibly have another interpretation of the above para. Its an initiative you see!

I have the habit of sounding confused all the time.

here I go again.

Books again. Ta!