Monday, August 06, 2007

Soon it'll be 50!!!

Now I never knew i'd be so into blogging...From a worn out diary to a sophisticated blog- alls been amazing- the pens tht didnt work but i still kept on writing and now the screwy cable net but i still keep on refreshing- alls been loved

Anyways, now how bout a better first day for your last year in college...
first of all i begin college too late only to expect back to back classes and a chatttttterrbox new teacher- she had to explain everything...

Me- Maa'm all other colleges get the optional paper choice, I want you to pressurize
the HOD a li'l bit so she can change her mind

She- i can talk to her but i can't pressurize, i would rather emphasise on her- u see theres
a difference

Me- *Oh I'm sorry i was just speaking English, I dunno how to speak *&%$^???*

then she does it again

Shradha- Maam the room in this block is a lil skimpy can u change the room to the other

She- You see the thing is that we have around 25 students, half of them dun show up usually
but if they do for instance say tomorrow we might need a bigger room so what I can do
is that find a room in the other block and switch.

Shradha- uh-ye-okkaayy *din't i say the same thing and save energy at the same time*

What solid entertainment!!