Monday, December 10, 2007

Felix Culpa

Sometimes theres something in your head that keeps moving and never stops and then you know that you are confused- highly confused.

We learn from our wrong doings and that is why life is nice. Its worth it.
We all commit sins, mistakes, blunders etcetra but it gets redeemed. The circle of life gets complete then. We all should do things that makes ourselves feel good about it without regrets, without caring even a bit what the 'world' says. We'll fall but we'll know the fall was meant to be. We'll stand back again and one day we won't regret looking back.

I wish Life was a Movie.
As know sumthin like...
Take just one day outta your daily routines and decide that today you'll be yourself. Don't care what your boss says, what your colleagues say, what your friends say and who so ever it may be. Live that day for yourself.

Don't like what your boss is wearing- say it on his/her face.
A showroom? say some designer dude, look at his clothes and say "what the fuck is this so heavily priced for, i can probably get sumthin done in 1/4th of the price and it'll look better".
Walked into your ex? Abuse (hindi gaali plzz strictly) or maybe spill coffee even better!!
Saw your worst enemy?? ask him watsup??? (this'll kill him)

This sounds so easy huh? Well play at your own risk...hehe
I wished its as easy to do as it sounds?
My point is just live one day according to yourself, nobody else's bloody business!!

Well, Anyways...filmi stuff over.
My professor had a different mood today, he talked of his love, his marriage, his son and his daughter-in-law (who he specifically called his daughter). He seemed to be so much satisfied with his life. He told us how he proposed his wife. How he asked her out for his very first date.

This man is now on a verge of retirement by early next year. And how he still blushed when he talked, taking his glasses off and cleaning them with his handkerchief after every minute- it was spotless clean but still.
He told us to do something nice, sweet just outta the blue for once.

I'm sure he is a very nice human being.

We all are getting Bhagat singh, DU sweatshirts soon, after all these years of cribbing and mourning over college life we finally became a lil connected to our dear college. its costing us but we decided to buy it. And we are gonna have a 'Jersey day' in college!

I think third year has finally come out with creativity.