Tuesday, May 01, 2007


2 blogs in a day...i really must be bummed!
well I love bloggin so doesn't matter.

This Crappy orkut business is taking my life now. It's become so monotonous. And I mean I have this hugeeee msg written in my profile in CAPS and still they don't get it....bloody ch**iya ppl (sorry).
Its so bloody irritating... everytime i log in i have to delete-delete-delete all those cheeezy guys with lame msgs of *i wanna friend you* (yaaa thats what they write).and another mr. chaman with"hey i like ur profile will u be my friend" yeah right!! you think!!??...and it gets better with *Hi PINKI, will you be my friend....* (what the bloooody hell is wrong with you!!!!!)
PINKI?????? saala tatti kahinka. bhow bhow dog...wo bhi black waala.
I think i need a DEVNAGRI script on orkut for all those who can't read english...hey bhagwaan!!

was just watching Lola Kutty on V...she is so funny!!!! the way she goes "ollraaight"...naariyal paani n all that stuff...too innovative!!
hey i just realised i wrote a boring blog this morning! when did i start a conquest for knowledge on American tribes eh?? *making an ugly face*

Tv has gone idiot...shows nuthin...huh!!
weather's idiot too...the sun can't just stop shining only!..huh!
"everyone idiot"
BYE (*slammmm!!!*)


The Phoenix said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA LOLZ...HI PINKI....Tatti shatti n all that. This is so funny.