Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This comes from a 20 yr old to be graduate

The above line doesn't give me any difference to sound like a 20 year old and neither a graduate. Life's so stupid!

The fact that COLLEGE finished gave me a huge scare before my last exam- it was like ---huh?? N i dun even feel m outta school yet. what crap! I called a very old friend yesterday, it was her birthday, to be clear cut precise- her 21st birthday. And I know as october comes people will call ME up on MY 21st birthday!! *frowning on teenage *. I always dreamed of being 18- nothing much about it but y'know how stereotyped 18 its been 2 years its gone. I didnt mind 20 too. ah they're just numbers by the way (damage control).

I'm planning to join dance classes from 5th may...I just don't wanna sit idle. I wanted to join tennis as well- but one thing at a time..I dun wanna break my bones all at once. It'll be fun!!

I have a few entrances coming up for JNU. After I saw the campus I was like I wanna study ONLY here but nobody's gonna wait for me with an aarti plate there. I'll have to earn it. But who'll study for the entrances??? I will I know. Otherwise I'm nowhere.

I also want to work for a magazine for sometime. After a lil brainstorming I wondered that I could enjoy it as a profession! again no aarti thali there too for me! No one cares for humanity I tell you!

But I'm in love with my new haircut. I love the place where I got it cut from. The guy was faaaantasssstic! I'm going back there soon! Neha n me have to go to janpath soon to shop titsie bitsie stuff.. but the weather is crappy..

N dis blog sucks...what an update reminder.



bluebutterfly said...

so i was just buzzing around .. trying to find some stuff worth reading ...
and i like what you have here ...
apart from the fact that i totally dig your song choices ...
i like the way you write ...
i am outta school ... wish i could back right now ..
but still dreamin of being 18...

Priyanka said...

@ bluebutterfly
hey thanks a lot

oh 18 is in the same stereotypical way amazing!! so dun miss it...heheh

thanks fr passing by!

Anonymous said...

20 is a young, ask me!

arghhhhhhhhh bloody arthritis!@!

Priyanka said...


but it makes me realise im also goin to turn! shit!


Anonymous said...

Again Ask me!!
I will be turning 25 sooner than you! than most of this *young world*

Arghhhhh belaady cataract! (am shuttin up now!)