Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Keep Bleeding..Keep Keep Bleeding!!!

No I didn't fall off the stairs!
I heard Leona Lewis sing this song on A-Idol yesterday...loved it!
So I'm grooving to the beats of it.

My lassssssssst exam is stttttillll left!!! I DoOn't feel like writing anymore. I'm so full of Wisdom these days. I'm talking some pseudo-shit to people these days. Hung up with Literature.

Remembering from the title of the song.....
I had a really weird Dream-Nightmare last night. Someone was murdered or it was a suicide ( I have no idea who he was) and I was called for interrogation. There were blood spatters n some gruesome faces of people crying, there was a horse (no connection but I did see a horse). And finally I was haunted by a girl in the dream. Weird!!... coz the person murdered was a Boy.

The funniest part- a lady showed me a gun with which the suicide/murder was committed. It was orange in colour. seemed like a holi ki pichkari. LOL!!

But I was really scared when I woke up. I still remember the girl's face. Now I always have weird dreams of murder and apocalypse. Sometimes I see the whole world is burning, sometimes flooding, sometimes I'm running from people who wanna kill me. lol


I'm missing my blog these days. Have so much to's been intense in here. Intense in a very ironical way. Shut up Priyanka. uuh yeah!

I was reading a line from one of my contemporary poets in my course. It just connects to everybody. I liked the line.

"Love is so Short. Forgetting is so Long."
~Pablo Neruda from Tonight I can write~


Sutta said...
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Sutta said...

Pabula Naruda. That is one beautiful poem!

You actually remembered this whole dream of yours?

Strange! Coz I'm not able to collect any of mine, when I wake up. :-/

Everybody's fool! said...


yea at times i kinda remember all my dreams....even yesterday i was running frm sum1 in