Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Krrrr-aaappp is the word!!!

SNAP in 2 months-oh Crap!
Final year- Oh crap!
What next- oh crap!
Everyone's preparing for either CAT or CA...and me- oh crap!
First semester gone- oh crap!
I'm gonna be 20 in like 12 days- oh-holy-shitty-smelly-bog blob of crap!!!!

This isn't exactly a poem by the way.

I don't wanna be 20!!! twenty- eww puke. nineTEEN- this is cool. I took one year to digest the fact that I'm older than eighteen and after I got over it I am 20... *nahiiiiiiii*!!! huh!

Anyways, its just 2 more days for the autumn break- its no autumn but its still called that way- weird!
so just wanna have fun these two days in colg- it'll be off for 15 days after tht!! Wow...
Shradha wouldn't come the whole of October and November- boo hoo!!....its her sis' marriage n shes preparing for CAT so she has to cope up with everything.

Apart from that everything is upside down for me. What the hell am I supposed to do now??? I didn't enrol for CAT so sweet dreams to me, I'm not a Mathemagician and Accountamagician and a psychedelic geek so cant opt for CA too...I guess i'll umm do err maybe hmm- crap!

So basically Im just hanging on between big potty stuff- I guess those philo uncles and aunties were right - Life IS tough!!!

The only thing that isn't crap is----as follows------


It was soo much funnnnn---- We Beat the PAKISTANIS--- yeah baby!!!
The thrilll the fun the excitement....mannn!!!....Loved Bhajji's dance....hehe

And I got this Sms tht day n thot it was worth sharing:
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Misbah who?
Miss ba 5 runs!!!!


It felt good looking at the fire crackers that day- even I burst a few....hee hee!!

I'll jus scram!