Friday, September 19, 2008

The Heart of Scotland!

The day I reached this little county of Stirling, I freaked out and cried for almost 1 hour cribbing to have made such a crappy decision of studying so far off. The plane journey was nice; it almost made me overcome my fear (a lil bit), landing at London was nicer, then I got lost in the beauty when I took the drive from Edinburgh airport to Stirling. But I knew something is going to go wrong man!

The place is undoubtedly a heaven on earth, but it’s so damn quiet that the silence nearly kills you. I went up to my room and lost control, I wanted to run away as soon as possible. But then I heard some voices and I figured it was Hindi. I found almost 20-30 neighbours who are Indians and they’re all wonderful people. Then I gained a little strength to bear what I was about to tour.

So all the anxiety over, the University has took off, it’s an amazing campus and doesn’t really look like a college, it’s more of a cafĂ©. I had my first induction interview with the course director, it went real well. I am eager to start with my classes which push off this Monday. It gets really exciting to live in a cottage and make your own food, do all the household chores. We go ‘Ration’ shopping together and we walk like 4 kms everyday. Phew! And everyday after dinner we guys make a point to meet up in someones house and chat since theres no other mode of entertainment left for any of us. Its fun!

I don’t’ really have internet at home but would soon get one but the campus is wi-fi and it’s easy to access internet in between lectures. We have a new fundoo way of learning here. Everythings online and that includes our lectures as well. Looking forward to all these new techno stuff.

So, everythings back on track and will write-up back soon!


The Phoenix said...

Oye duffer...why did u lose control, you are a strong girl and I know you can do it, Didn't I teach you anything. dumbass...chal thapad kha...slap!

Priyanka said...

@ the phoenix


•♥•♥Vicky♥•♥• said...

oye dear you'll do so good.Enjoy dear enjoy..we have to work for whole life after study so haev fun and remember we are always here for you.

and don't you cry ..*hugs*

my cousin sisters also live in London.If ever u need any help just let me know :)

take care miss

J said...

o belaaaaady, tusi scotland pahunch gaye!!!

ashhhhhhhhhhhhh hain ji!! Ashhhhhhhh

goriya kaisi hain =)? hawwt? :o

Priyanka said...

heheheh...ya ya goris r gud, goras r greattt!!!!!