Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Its time to say goodbye to New Delhi, to India, just for a while. Its so damn hard that I have been avoiding the whole ordeal to think about it. And I am putting my head into nonsensical things like Doomsday by LHC that has been buzzing around. I know nothing would happen, but I'm just thinking to keep my mind off other stuff. By the way according to India TV, Doomsday should have already happened. I sometimes feel like slapping that news channel, they create an unnecessary panic.

Hmm, so in 2 days from today I'll be in another country, actually in the plane ( I hate the idea of it too). Im going 'Phoren'. yay! Some padosi aunties were curious so they asked me beta kahan jaa rahe ho, I said Scotland UK...and they made confused faces wondering if I was going to two places at the same time.

Anyway, the news channels are going crazy with Doomsday news, I have heard so many dates when the world will end or was about to end. I think God will also get confused now. We know the certainty of our death is same every year, 1 in 365, what we don't know is the exact day. So we should all CHILL! We will only die when we overcome death. I actually saw this one some random forum so blabbed it out.

Otherwise in plain words, we are all too busy to die!

So saying goodbye to family and friends and all bloggers!
I'll catch up back soon.



The Phoenix said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA funny post, I think we all shud slap india TV for the nonsensical stuff they show. Once they were showing a fight between a monkey and a tiger...blah.

Its weird how low some people are on general knowledge, I mean a lot of people do not know that Abu Dhabi is a place too.

I'll miss you pompie...a lot. Who will I go window shopping with at select city walk now....:-(

But I am happy for you and that I will come and see you next year and then we'll have loads of fun.

Dip.. said...

have a greattttttttttttttttttt time! and safe journey.. make lots of cool
become an angrez.. come back with an accent...then show off

have a great time

•♥•...๑۩۞۩๑♥V♥๑۩۞۩๑..•♥• said...

bon journey missy !
take care
best wishes.

Priyanka said...


Thanks again!!!
seeya soon!