Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was just wondering the other day the time when I actually stood at the airport door and turned around to say BYE. I went in and knew I wont step back home in another year. THAT WAS IT!

Today, I realise how big that was!! Home is everything!

Its getting comfortable here, everyday. We had a Diwali party yesterday, it was nice, though I got pissed at one point of time. Some people just bullshit about any shit! But otherwise it was nice, Indian tradition!! And good Food!! Shit I'm gonna miss Diwali.... :-(

November is going to be hectic for me, I have so much work to do and so much study, exams are also nearing. crap! My sleep cycle is totally fucked up, I sleep at 3 am get up at 2 pm, or else if I have class at 9, I hardly sleep for 4 hrs a day, though I get a sound sleep. aaah!

Its good to experience the world all by yourself here, we see how people change in freedom, how some use it and some misuse it. How some flaunt what they don't even have, and some flaunt all they have. How some limit themselves to circumferences to be 'cool'. How some forget their nationalities and how some stand still. Its a strange world out here. But in the end, its all about how you are and how you see it! God knows whats happening! But I still like it, there are good people here as well.
so back to, cheers!!


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

missing diwali sweets.??

mine sleep cycle is similar but for other reasons.

njoy the freedom and be the way you are..

take care

The Phoenix said...

Jus take it as a chapter from life, that there are various kinds of people in the world. And this is the best opportunity for you to learn tackle them. Diwali over here is so so anyway. So you are not missing much dahling.

Just chill baby, I know you can get really home sick, try n divert ur mind somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

Hey..long's great to hear that you are having a good time in Scots planet..How's everything going?

Stay in touch..

Hugs XOX

Priyanka said...

Heyy, anchal, its been so long, how r u??? please mail me ur ID

scot planet is super cool. too much fun!!!

miss you girl..

shutupandlisten said...

most unlikely places to send one's ID. anyway..!!