Wednesday, November 08, 2006


What gives me the inspiration to ACTUALLY create a blog is something that isn’t even a part of my life. It’s someone I haven’t ever met; I don’t even talk to and while looking at her piece of writings (which I considered eccentric) I give a silly frown and shut her blogs!!! But it’s an inexplicable phenomenon which makes people having no connection between them learn something from each other-well maybe in my case its one sided-but whatever!

So here I begin with my very first blog!

Oh and there’s a warning too!
I might not sound too smart by writing this crap, as while writing I might not realize that I’m a bloody English honors student(Oh yes I’m flaunting it out aloud), and writing crap like this doesn’t exactly denote that I’m on a path of wisdom by pursuing this course!

I had actually picked up a pen long time back n scribbled- scribbled in happiness, in agony, in pain, in frustration- scribbled a hell lot…now when I read it, its pure GIBBERISH to me, but this time I think that after a million attempts to maintain a blog I should just continue! I’ll save some pen inks at least!
Believe me writing is FUN and sometimes it’s the best way to blurt out your feelings!

So if by any teeny-weeny chance there are people who actually read my blogs!!-GOD BLESS THEM- BLESS EM’ALL!!