Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Better Late than never!

i know i have covered a huge journey since the day i should have written this but so what- its still afresh in my mind.

Back then, everything just happened- i didnt even get the time the digest the fact that my sister was gonna get married! dumbstruck at this news i still managed to stay as calm as i could. but every morning when i woke up i kept realising that soon one half of our room was gonna be empty!

All this while i have been used to her whining of me intruding her wardrobe, i've been used to her morning sneezes- which happened to be my alarm clock- one sneeze-2nd sneeze-3rd sneeze-4th sneeze-all in a go!!! *oh its morning*!!!, then bangs at the bathroom door when both used to get late for school, blaming each other for creating a mess at home when mum n dad used to get back from work.

how can i forgot those fights- stupid cranky fights. we both might have fought for every possible thing on this earth. be it a chewing gum, a nail-paint, i also remember being locked out of home because i broke her lipstick!, slamming doors at each other...ask our doors they have had to be repaired for this!! our arguements which Neha was always gud at..i merely copied her! the time when i had just learnt a new word "shut-up", i kept using it at whatever she accused me for!

loud music at home- we both dancing like stupids!, making jokes with mom!...we've done sooo much together, but all i got was 17 yrs to live with her!..believe me its not enough!

coming back to the astounding news of she being engaged- well things did change a lot after that- i might say my life took a turn!! i started taking life seriously after that! so there was gonna be a person who will mean the world to curiousity to who the person was..was not much!! ofcourse i knew who he was...and ofcourse i took the advantage of being the younger sister!!..(ahem). though i had known him for ages, i never got a chance to form an opinion of him and suddenly i become the most important person to judge him!!! hmm felt proud of myself holding one responsibility!

since their engagement we both had 1 yr together, my 16yrs apart and that 1 yr apart!! its all a different story! now would you believe people who've fought for a tiny chewing gum never even argued in that 1 yr...and also after that!

shame on sisterhood (hehe) but its worth it! we both have never been that close EVER! to the times when her life remained in her and mine in we both look for reasons to call each other n tell all whats been on and off in our day to day lives! our relatives roll their eyes to see us so close..with pouncing questions of "are they the same sisters?" and ofcourse Gaurav has played a major role in this binding! thanks is the word!

sometimes at night i still look at the empty side of my bed, sometimes i lay down an extra plate during supper forgetting that its just the three of us now!, but happy with the fact that she lives jus a 10 minute drive away!

she has indeed been a hell of a sister !!!! *applause*


*D* said...

hey priyanka! heroine this blog made me cry.. neha must have cried buckets hhehehehehhehe.. its very touching!

i dont have any elder or younger sister but i do have an elder bro and i m shuddering at the thought of parting. waaaaaaaaaaaaa :`(

- dipti