Friday, December 08, 2006


its almost end of my second year ALREADY!!!! i mean in another week or two im gonna finish my mid semester and then it wont even take snap of a time to end this year...time really goes by eh!!!!

Came back from my never ending mumbai trip!
mumbai was okay, dont understand the psyche of people (including me) regarding the fight between delhi and mumbai...u go there comparisons jus start, ofcourse that was my daily routine about bombay!!!, but its gud in its own aspect!...cmon it has ESSEL WORLD!!!...heheh
we went clubbing tooo in mumbai in search of the whacky MUMBAI night life.. (im still searching!!!) did enjoy...had to!! didnt hav another choice did we??...dancing to the sounds of D-I-S-C-O!!
Guess we chose a wrong place!

its just weird-our bookings for this trip was done like 2 months ago n now its over!!!!

Anyways my thinking level is a bit chipped right now, have exams!!! shakespeare, webster, chaucer alll revolving around my brain like elves!

so miss blogger(yeah right!) is gonna take off...till examz!....
love all!