Thursday, February 08, 2007

Aisa kyun hota hai??

Why can't i be a child again?

Hair-clips, lollypops, polka-dotted frocks, winnie the pooh wrist-watches, funny green, yellow and red shoes - why are they history now? why cant i be the same ME?

The funny stewwwpid girl I used to be; I mean I'm still stupid but not the same one. I wanna have the same smile on my face when i buy a buck worth chewing gum, I wanna play those street sports i used to, i wanna fight with boyyyzzz because they are supposed to be LOSERS!, I wanna ride my old bicycle, I want Mom to make my ponytails when i go to play, I want dad to pick me up from school, I want to sneak outta ma home at night n play hide and seek when theres a powercut. I just want that 'you're just a child flashback'-when you are a chilled out freak! what a nice definiton..YEAH I wanna be THAT!!

I dont wanna spend hours in front of my cupboard figuring out what to wear today, i dont wanna recomb my hair because a strand came outta the rubber-band. I know I can still manage that but.....perfection!! blah is the word! been used to this silly man-made thing. I know I know God is perfect but it had no meaning untill man invented the word PERFECTO!


I miss being a kid...i was a terrific one.


some things never change!


d toughest part said...

uuwwaann.. next time v meet up.. let's act as kids(which v usually do) n feel like ouselves.. promise..?

Everybody's fool! said...

hehe yea pakka promise!!!

Everybody's fool! said...
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