Friday, February 16, 2007

Chaman day!

Its a Friday..and everybodys off! some shivratri stuff..
well ive not been very creative since morning. ive sleptt a lott, surfed a lot, watched tv a lot...done everything!

college is so dulll these days dont wish like going. jus wanna attend some classes..get done 'enoughly' with attendance and sit at home..aaah! though i do get bored at home but still i have ma own space!

Im one of those persons who loves to be at her own. i like being alone, not typically a loner but sometimes its fun! and basically have been used to being alone since my parents are both working and my sister's married.

but sometimes i reallly need to just GET OUT anywhere and since i dont have good frenz who live around i keep frowning at home! why do i have losers all around ma place!
the closest a good friend lives is also 2 kms away!!!...i cant jus go n knock at her place everyday
so today im in searchh...heloooe!!...

im hungry...

can someone get me french fries n mayo and a juicy crunchy mcveggie..or maybe shawarma rolls!!!!


Nishant said...

c i tld u...plz get driving liscence...