Monday, February 25, 2008

Fewest of words, Nicest of things.

First of all something is really wrong with my blogger or my computer. Doesn't allow me to give spaces between paragraphs. Irritating.

Anyways, I just received an email. Cheered me up, made me happy. Been low since like a week now but just needed that bit of a.... 'Consolation?????'..err..okay I'll need the dictionary for this one...yeah thats it...'Comfort'!!!! lame word for a dictionary sooo....'Gratification'...per se!!

Missing some stuff too much. But I'm starting to get okay with it. have to.

Just saw Devil wears Prada (for the first time)..amazing flick. There are some strange noises in my home. seems like someone is squeaking the door or knocking. Strange coz no ones home. Okay now I'm scared!

Someone asked me of GOD today. I am not an atheist but I also don't believe that there is a 'kind-of God' but sometimes in peace I do talk to some unknown power and even though I don't get answered back, I tend to find a way to my problems. I love it. For me that is GOD.

I wanna ask this question to...umm...who ever who passes by my blog. Anyone. If you were told its your last day in the world and you're given the last chance of doing something-ANYTHING. what would it be?

P.S.- Not expecting a lotta comments but would love if some could reply. Also, add what do you think of God.


Nishant said...


Crazy Diamond said...

i'll keep kissssssssssssing him!! and of course if it's the whole day remaining.. then we'll do all the things that happen after kissing, he he he. there's nothing else i would do.

about God...well..i believe in God. what is's just that 'sense' of having someone looking after you.. it's a faith that tells me everything will be's a friend who is always there when no one is there..always listens.. always advices.. always supports and encourages. i think god is inside us , its our conscience that tells us right from wrong, warns us, protects us. it's just the best feeling to have a belief. God never lets you feel alone

The Phoenix said...

Well! if it really was the last day then...I'd like my whole...and I mean WHOLE family to be together and have a blast. Just like we have had in the past.

God for me is a vision, someone who I talk to when I am lonely, someone who knows what wrong and right I have done and directs me to the right path, who gives me the strength to overcome every obstacle of life. I too beleive that god is inside us, its our conscience.

And that's what we do here right! Talk to GOD!

J said...

Third blog in 10 minutes talking about god. This world needs direction
God is within u! Heaven, Hell, God and devil , all within u!
Dive within and one may find god

hmm lets see, last day.. I have taken an off from office today, probably cause I just wanted to think hard as to where my life is moving and a small break to relax after spending many weeks in office working 13-15 hours, I am 23 and am clueless! Only if I Know about one thing for which I would have that kind of passion, I will leave everything to pursue that

rOhit said...

Well, I'll ask that "someone" WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU THAT ITS MY LAST DAY HUH? :P

About God I'd say, Its All in the Mind. And imaginary illusion. I can puke out zillion words to it, if only I had the time and this not-so-laziness. Still, I do believe there is someone up there (read = upar) :P

Nice Blog!

Nemesis said...

We all do make mistakes!! It's pretty common! Sometimes we harm intentionally and sometimes unknowingly. Maybe I'll confess everything bad that I've done. I dont wanna feel guilty even after leaving this world.. But make sure it has to be my last day nahi tho it will cost me a lot.. hehe! People will thrash me!!

And about God!! I very much believe in him. He's everything to me. Don't expect anything much!! He'll always be there for you no matter what!! And bout atheism. It's fine! Not a compulsion to believe in God!!
Just be good to everyone!! We all now, 'The best religion is humanity'

gunj said...

i think ill live it like a normal day...coz anyways i wont b able to do all d oh so many things i love to do givn dat i dnt evn hav a priority list :P