Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spring Semester

My blog is upset because I don't visit often now, I have got so busy with nothing here that I have forgotten one of the most important thing in my life. Well after all we always take our loved ones for granted don't we? Because others are not worth it eh!!!

Its almost spring here, which means, more sunshine, more daylight and more beautiful mornings. I hated when it used to get dark at 3 in the afternoon, it became so dead, now we get 4 minutes of more daylight each day and soon it will start getting dark at 10-11 in the night. wow. exciting!! This place is so pretty that i love walking here, no matter how long the distances are and I put on some nice music and walk to the uni and back, i love walking alone. Here, we greet everyone and anyone on the street with a sweet smile, which is amazing. We say "cheers" whenever someone does something nice, which is so common. Its lovely. I love this place, its my city, for now. But aah well India rules and Delhi Rocks!!!!

Anyway, this semester is kinda nice, I like the modules and the teachers and I don't sleep in lectures atleast. Also I have started thinking about my Dissertation which is a major deal here and I need all you Bloggers' help. If you guys are reading, please help me in my Dissertation coz my topic for dissertation is 'Blogging Life: Public versus the Personal'. I'll post up questions (not any sooner but sometime later in April or something), and it'll be of great help if you guys reply, to help me complete it. thanks.

So, whats new is that I am back to being friends with Shradha- the one I kept mentioning as my 'loser friend' from college.LOL. But aah what the hell, she was/IS my friend anyway, hehehe. We patched up and forgave each other. Sometimes its not worth losing some people in life, they remain forever with you, somewhere somehow. She won't really like this para as she will be expecting some back with a bang kinda thing. ha ha. Nah I'm not giving you that!!!

I've been reading Khaled Hosseini's 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'. Its amazing. Couldn't be anything better following his first book which was more than amazing. Its recommended to all book lovers. Also, try listening to this song 'Jason Mraz- I'm yours'. Very happy song.

I gossipped a lot about a few things today, some serious stuff. Some things that were supposed to be given a thought. It was about 'people', about how they behave and how they expect and about how they become judgmental for no reason. I think I have become sensible, for me atleast. Some amazing people have taught me a lot and have raised me up here. One of them is my housemate- Rainer. He's a great guy!!! There are loads of other people to the list, will be mentioned as time comes.

Gotta go sleep, have early lecture tomorrow. Boring!!




The Phoenix said...

Thank gawd u wrote something finally! So blogging life - public Vs personal huh! I find blogging a way to vent out things inside me, it could be about my personal dilemmas or somethings I like. Or even about things that matter to people. So I dunno I find both OK.

Priyanka said...

yeah i know, im gona be/or im gonna try to be more regular..heheh

Yah i'll need lots of help from all bloggers now, ill need to interview some of us....

la la la

Upsee said...

hey hey. m so glad u finally wrote a post.. it had been so long.. my yahoo acc got screwed. gimme ur gmail one. i'll add u up dere. and by ur posts it seems like u live in a dream land! enjoy! take good care. enjoy life with watever it throws at you..

oo7 said...

hey be regular yaar
hope u do great with your dissertation.

BTW Happy Holi

take care

koolhead17 said...

Sometimes those whom you think are losers turn out to be you best friend & yeah delhi rocks.