Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I remembered my stay in Pune today, the place was AAAhhhhmmmaaaazzingggg!!! with little green hills all around and a beautiful road...seemed more romantic in the *raat ka andhera*!!
all i could do was peep through the glass window and feel the breeze blowing my hair (giving me a phaantaashtic hair ishtyle).
i felt the need to be on a bike.felt the need for speed. just wanted to go zooooming aywhere i wanted to!!! ANYWHERE!!!
being on a bike felt like something imperative in my life!
then i saw a few youngsters with their roaring bikes speeding up a hill ( it was sooo damn coool)
i wishhhh.......


Nishant said...

i have called up kawasaki ppl...dey will give u a call in a day or two...n jus give em ur order n specifications of waa kinda bike u want...:p