Friday, August 17, 2007

The computer is infernal again!- (sorry hp)- and its a rotten piece of shit!!

It just deleted my whole post all by itself.

Well I was just wondering how lame has the whole crappy computer business gone- stuck up with 'wassup' and 'ciao' and all that stuff we have online.
So wat else? doesnt it seem that at one point of time we all will be looking for a better presentable answer to this profound question apart from 'nuthin much!!'

I mean c'mon life is better than 'nuthin much'!!
Everybody's life is glued up in msn n g-chats and everybody is wondering "whats up???"

What is new in the online life?- another account in facebook and what do i get??- insane amount of mails and messages telling me what others are doing in their life!!! okay yes i was exactly waiting for this to happen in my life!-uh wait- i forgot to say -Yay!!

..but blogging is different *stupid grin on my face*!!

Anyways moving on... right now my social life is also almost on an apocalypse..i go to college come back..again i go to college come back- though thts just temporary but whatever!!

I was never really a person that I am today- I am much more better- earlier, n thats like a few years ago, I used to be this very obnoxious, kiddish girl with loads of gibberish in head and I always tried to keep it within me as I didn't much know more than that. But it always came out when there were shit loads of brainy and witty people around- So Miss priyanka never really had a reputation-basically what was reputation???
then I learnt gossiping and bitching and back biting (well in a genuine way) and my life was ALLL better!!!!- I am suddenly a heroine (exaggerated word but whatever makes me happy...its my blog *pfrrt*)

Move on and chill!!! Life has indeed become this -atleast for me it is!!


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