Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Been trying to make my blog look different for quite sometime now...mann!! its a kamar-todh job...
the comment area is gone but you guys (hello--ello-llo--o-oo *echo's back*)-uhumm no one's there to read - can post ur comments on the Tagboard- which indeed has been lying vacant ever since it was know what...
eff you!!

Sooooo...thisss is my fusht blog since the Reformation-oh my god- I've given it a face lift sorta thing!!...

ALLL-yawn-RIGHT!!!... Enough of my calculations on the so called new one bothers!! do i know that???? yeshhh!!

what is good these days

I went to Metro Walk- Adventure Island ...what an adventure!!..well if you don't bother spending 270 bucks then go ahead twirl your heads...but it hurt me spending that much where splash means just two drops of water...haa!!

India Won the match yesterday- felt guuuhhhddd after a long time, i miss those times when there used to be fire crackers all over when India used to win a felt the 'chakde India' feeling..the flick was nice!..Chautala rocked---bhains ki poonchh

US open is also on...go henin go!!!!
But I want Roddick to challenge Federer dis tym...nahh feddy is jus too good!!

mmm m hungry now...
for the lovers of mankind and angels of god- lemme kno how my blog is...hoohoo haa haa!!