Saturday, November 03, 2007

FUCK title!!!!

Why is life reminding me everyday thats its gonna be hell out there....
I just wanna cry...mannn what the hell am I supposed to do. Lately I realised that whats the harm in being a lecturer?? isn't it? wont it be cool?

I love English but do I love it to that extent? And would I (in extra capital bold) be doing an M.phil n Phd??? ( ha ha )

  • Journalism has gone down the drain
  • MBA is like the only thing that "pays".
  • PG courses have lost value. read the above line again.
What else
  • UK is too expensive.
  • USA needs 16 years of Education, We Indians just have 15.
  • Australia is just desperate. period.
So, I just wanna saw WOW....