Saturday, November 03, 2007

Now, Don't you call that a SMILE!!!

I feel like I'm in 7th std. again- the way I got crazy for a Hrithik when he was new.

But just to console myself I look at this guys face and then say "bahut ho gaya". You know Im a grown up now. But just loook at him. where do you have such guys? he should be preserved sumwhere just to be looked at. Masha-allah!

I told Mom yesterday to find me husband like him..hehe...n she was like you are crazyy!!

Anyways- I saw Jab we met. Its a crazzzzyyy movie. very cute. Kareena is looking good. even Shahid for tht matter. He's been himself for the first time.

The music of saawariya is soo soothing. also hear the song in jab we met called tumse hi...its beautiful and much better if you're in love!

Tumse hi din hota hai

surmayi shaam aati hai

tumse hi tumse hi....