Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Assumption approved.

Well, what do you know, moments later as I press "Publish Post" my computer crashed! And believe me when my computer crashes, life is a fullstop. I'm like what do I do? So I have done something now to get it to work atleast and I am trying my best to keep it alive and going.

Social life = facebook and my laptop

thats about it.

Anyway, Just want to thank Upasana! (she knows why) You're a sweetheart. I know life is just showing its true colours to me but sometimes people assume we are doing just great when they see our smiles on Facebook. But I'm a warrior!

You should come to London, fuck US.


well, I hope its easy to reboot your computer. I haven't done it before.


Dm said...

my computer crashed last weekend, i started deep breathing to cal myself!! lol

formatted it and lost all the music and pictures. didn't feel all that sad but was scared my internet won't work for a couple of days and i wont be able to blog n open facebook (my fav book) . have to be 'connected' always!

a lot of us never realised when we became so dependent!

upasana said...

Oh my God! I just read this.. We both our sweethearts. The place doesn't make you Nidhi, You make the place. You remain the same. Its all in the head. Get your job done. And come back feeling accomplished not being dejected.

( Sorry, I am very wella these days, whenever I start talking sermons come out!)